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I grew up in a home with a mother who was a sculptor, painter, pianist and collector of the work of Robert Rauschenberg.  The avant garde street photographer, Vivian Maier floated in and out of my childhood.  She was our cousin’s nanny.  Imagine these artists as subliminal influencers!

As a Jack of all trades, I have studied writing, ceramics, painting, glass blowing, lamp work, fiber arts and knitting. 

I’ve published poetry in literary magazines and sold my work through the LF LB Artisan Guild as well as at City Woods in Highland Park. 

In recent years, I’ve discovered that the joy of photography is two-fold. Similar to the process of writing poetry, photography requires being in the moment and paying attention. The excitement of altering photos on the other hand allows for infinite possibilities to come into play. Like building a collage, I am adding, deconstructing and manipulating images. Sometimes the end result is playful, like a kaleidoscope; other times provocative. 

Seeing the same subject through various lenses, whether layering, or dissecting is very much a metaphor for life. Memory is like this. We get to use the patchwork of life experiences to define who we are at each moment. 

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